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The town of Parys is situated about 35kms away from Vaaloewer, near the Dome.  Spend a weekend exploring the arts and crafts in Parys. There are numerous excellent coffee shops in town and lovely arts and crafts shops which are perfect for finding great mementoes. Outstanding art galleries will take your breath away with the work of many well known artists like Chris Hattingh, Melinda van Schalkwyk, Chris de Beer and Ian van den Bergh, to name but a few. Real interesting is the modern, abstract offering in steel art at Die Blakermaker, the oldest steel artist in Parys. As of late the gallery also exhibit examples of a combination of two very different art forms in one, which will attracted the attention of those who are always looking out for something very different and unique.



Just an half hour from Vaal Oewer, we have our very own World Heritage Site. Just over 200kms in diameter, it was created when a giant meteorite thought to be 10kms in diameter struck the earth about 2 billion years ago creating the world's largest and oldest meteorite impact site.  The dome area is known for it's unique beauty and consists of valleys, mountains and small ravines covered in over 100 different species of lush green flora and 300 bird species.  It is rumored that the last ripples from the effect of the meteorite are right here in Vaal Oewer, hence the hills and canyon.



Half an hour away in the opposite direction you will find the Emerald Casino, also on the banks of the Vaal River.  There is an indoor adventure pool, putt putt course, and a zoo with game drives for the kids as well as adults.

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