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Silver Fox Booze Boat @ Candy's

If you enjoy the call of the wild, take a long, leisurely cruise on a Booze Boat! The bird life is outstanding (over 150 species), and a variety of wildlife can been seen on the riverbank on the Free State side, where there is a game farm.

Rates available upon request.

The smallest booking is 12 people, and largest is 26.

Bookings are essential in order to prepare the boat - and sober up the crew! All refreshments must be purchased from the pub. In the Winter Season the last booking time available is 3pm


Fishing the Vaal River @ Candy's


Guests staying over at Candy’s have the use of 1km of waterfrontage for fishing, picnics, walks, etc.

June and July are our rain free winter months and the river is at its clearest.
During these months, fisherman will enjoy catching a varied amount of fresh water species, such as Carp, Barble (Cat fish) and the very powerful Yellow fish.

Bass are also in abundance but catching these in the winter months is a bit more tricky but very rewarding.

The yellow fish are most sought after by sport anglers and they are extremely exciting when caught using a fly rod.

The carp in the river grow to weights up to 12-15 kilograms with many species between 3 and 8kg’s. These fish are readily caught from the banks of the Vaal river all along the Vaaloewer river area. 


Kayak Rentals @ Candy's

Enjoy a fun day for two, or with your friends out on the water in our "unsinkable" kayaks.  Life jackets and helmets are included in the price.

We have 3 double kayaks, which can accommodate up to 6 people at a time.

PRICES: (Subject to Change)

1-2 HOURS:  R150.00 Per kayak

2-4 HOURS:  R225.00 Per kayak

4-8 HOURS:  R300.00 Per kayak


For the more experienced, you are welcome to bring your own canoe, and shoot the now famous "Goose Bay Canyon" Weir.

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